i am thankful for all these people in my musical journey




Motown Records
Rodney Gordy
Lynn Malsby (Klymaxx)

Silver Nightingale Publishing

Joan Bulkin
Sid Bulkin
Bob Gundry (songwriter and partner)

Taylor Guitars
Carvin Guitars and Pro Sound
Richard Carpenter (The Carpenters)
Steve Vai

"The Eagles"
Joe Walsh
Timothy B. Schmit

"England Dan & John Ford Coley"
Dan Seals
John Ford Coley
Leslie Bulkin
Kelly Bulkin
Gary Bulkin

Traa Daniels
Sonny Sandoval

"Avril Lavigne"

"Alan Holdsworth"

"Frank Gambale"

"Jefferson Starship"
"Craig Chaquico"

"Acoustic Alchemy"
Miles Gilderdale
Greg Carmichael

"Steve Oliver"


"The Monkees"
Davy Jones

"Taj Mahal"

"Bob Gundry" (songwriter)

"Tower of Power"

"Air Supply"

"Don Anderson"

"Bobby Hasbrook"

"Tres the Band"

Mariela Contreras and Jorge Camberos

"Chini and Camberos"
Jorge Camberos

My father and Jazz musician Ed Chini
My brother Ron Chini
Sister Paulette and Mother Marie

My Lovely wife Gabrielle and talented sons Adam and Jordan

Some of my past groups, Destiny, BBC, In the Mood, Coaltrain, The Earlybird band,
Heat Treatment and all the rest!